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4 Skills that Foster a Culture of Innovation

When you think about a successful company, what characteristics come to mind? After working with a diverse mix of businesses throughout the years through Innovation Works, we know that teams who keep an open mind and can shift their perspectives based on new information have been successful through the pandemic AND in transitioning out of the pandemic.

This skill, shifting perspective, is common among the most innovative teams. A recent article in Inc Magazine called 4 Keys to Every-Day Innovation outlined 4 skills that we also see the most innovative teams we work with applying to their daily work.

1. Be more proactive about innovation.

There were two types of innovators during the pandemic, those who reacted to what was going on and those who proactively decided to do something different. Most companies fell into the former category - they simply shifted gears to stay afloat - but others saw an opportunity to do something new.

2. Develop an innovative mindset.

While some people are more innovative than others, innovation is something that can be learned. Be curious. Question everything, especially the status quo.

3. Build an innovative team.

Start by hiring staff who are curious and questioning. It’s also important to make space for their questions, their ideas, and for them to try things that may or may not work.

4. Budget for Innovation.

Start baking innovation into your business plans or risk falling behind. One option is to create an innovation budget that sets aside funds to partner with another firm who can help solve customer problems or create process and product improvements in novel and interesting ways.

The Innovation Lab is a great example of this kind of partner. We help companies foster innovation among teams, create new ideas, and tackle tough challenges to help them grow. Check out more about our Innovation Works process and schedule a time to chat with us about how we can create value for your company.


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