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A Case Study in Marketing Energy

Alliant Energy provides regulated electric and natural gas services to approximately 975,000 electric and approximately 420,000 natural gas customers in the Midwest.


The Alliant Energy marketing team was looking for a fresh new concept for their annual Iowa State Fair experience. With industry-leading technology and service, they wanted to be able to stand out amongst a sea of other activities and events at the Fair.


We leveraged the knowledge and experience of 18 Alliant Energy team members through a custom Innovation Works® recipe to identify new concepts for their Fair experience.

Through a game-based process, we engaged team members in creating concepts that showcased sustainable energy, connected fairgoers to the Alliant Energy brand, and were fun and engaging to create buzz among fairgoers. The teams developed, refined, and pitched ideas in a half-day session. The top 2-3 ideas were identified and taken for refinement and implementation by the marketing team.


“We loved the ease of working with the facilitators. They were responsive, thought-provoking, and had excellent follow-through. The innovation process really brought our ideas to life and they improved our ability to collaborate.”

- Aimee Davis, Vice President, Communications & Marketing


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