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A Case Study in Parent Engagement

Holy Family Catholic Schools is a private school system located in Dubuque, IA. With a focus on a faith-rich environment a dedication to academic excellence, they are ranked #8 on the Iowa AP Index. They operate six schools including elementary, middle and high schools, as well as a Spanish immersion school.


Holy Family Catholic Schools wanted to engage more parents in activities to connect new families to the Holy Family School system. They specifically wanted to figure out how parent ambassadors could 1) be empowered to reach out and connect with parents, and 2) be engaged and empowered to promote Holy Family on social media.


Through a custom Innovation Works® recipe, Holy Family leveraged the collective knowledge and experience of 19 parents and faculty members. Through a game-based process, the teams focused on creating new strategies for sharing their experiences as a part of the Holy Family community, and for helping more parents and faculty share their stories on social media.


“I would recommend Innovation Works® to anybody because they are a dream to work with. You show up with an idea and a framework and they take it and facilitate it beautifully.”

- Rebecca Mueller, Director of Enrollment


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