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A Case Study in Product Development

GOLFTEC has been helping people play better golf since 1995. Now, with over 200 Centers around the world, they’ve used technology and fact-based instruction to grow into the recognized world leader in golf lessons.


GOLFTEC needed to find an effective and efficient product development process to ensure new products and services would be high-quality, well thought out, profitable and delivered with fidelity.


Through a custom Innovation Works® recipe, we leveraged the knowledge and experience of 9 GOLFTEC team members to identify and map a new product development process. Participants in the process included a diverse team with experience in sales, marketing, engineering, and golf pros who work directly with players.

Through a game-based process, we engaged teams in creating action steps that would form a fully functional product development process. Concepts took into account success criteria, triggers, and incorporating failure into the design and product development process. The teams developed, refined, and pitched ideas during two five-hour sessions that resulted in a fully developed process they could begin to implement and test immediately.


“Innovation Services helped us develop a new process that forces us to consider WHY and HOW the work should be done, instead of just focusing on the WHO and WHAT. It has been a complete game-changer since the first day we introduced it!”

- Flynn McLain IV, SVP Product Development


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