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A Case Study in Product Improvement

Cottingham & Butler is the 5th largest privately held broker in the U.S., and a recognized leader in offering innovative property & casualty and employee benefit insurance solutions. They provide a full suite of risk management and employee benefit services.


Cottingham & Butler is a tech savvy, business services company. While their core business is in the insurance arena, they see an opportunity to be more than that for their clients and their employees. The company has developed a proprietary employee engagement platform designed to help them better understand their team in order to build engagement and to meet company goals. The team wanted to engage Innovation WorksⓇ to identify new and deeper insights for the platform.


We leveraged the collective knowledge and experience of 20 company leaders through a custom Innovation Works® recipe to identify new insights that can be developed and shared through the employee engagement platform.

Through a game-based process, teams focused on different types of employees and both internal and external data strategies to identify insights that can inform and provide companies with training, culture, communication, and engagement strategies. The team developed, refined, and pitched ideas.


“I had high expectations, and we got way more out of this than I expected. There’s some real gold in the ideas that were generated today.”

Tim Johnstad, Director


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