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A Case Study in Strategic Planning

MercyOne is a connected system of healthcare facilities, with 20,000 employees in Iowa and Nebraska. MercyOne in Dubuque is the leading healthcare facility in the tri-states, offering a comprehensive cardiology center, cancer center, and neonatal ICU.


When MercyOne launched a new set of seven strategic priorities, the president of MercyOne’s Eastern Iowa Region wanted to engage the leadership team in creating actionable strategies for the Eastern Region.


Through a custom Innovation Works® recipe, a group of 80+ leaders engaged in a day-long process to create actionable and measurable strategies for the region. Participants in the process included a mix of care coordinators, department heads, and VP and c-suite executives from each facility in the Eastern Region.

Through a game-based process, teams focused on improving patient health, operational, and quality outcomes. The teams developed, refined, and pitched ideas for each of the company’s strategic priorities throughout the day to create strategies that could be executed over the subsequent two years.


“Our team created so many ideas for our final plan and was engaged in the process. It was awesome!”

- Kay Takes, President of MercyOne Dubuque and the Eastern Iowa Region


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