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Reimagining Voices with Dupaco

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

As Dupaco moved into their new $37 million HQ in the Voices Building they started looking for ways to use the 1st floor of the historic building to bring a spark to the Millwork District. To help create solutions that would leverage Dupaco's powerful portfolio of financial tools and educational services, and the new space, they turned to the Innovation Lab.

photo credit Nick Kohl/Telegraph Herald

The Innovation Lab worked with Dupaco leadership t0 FRAME the challenge around priorities of business startup and expansion. Together, we engaged a team of 35 stakeholders including entrepreneurs, developers, and Dupaco members and employees. The group took part in an innovation session held virtually in two parts, to keep participants fresh, and to work within everyone's busy schedules.

During the initial session teams of participants CREATED solutions that would attract and support new business and the expansion of existing businesses into the space. The second session focused the teams on developing IMPLEMENTATION strategies. The process yielded dozens of ideas and well-developed implementation concepts for Dupaco to internalize and launch.

The Innovation Lab fosters creativity and innovation to create value for companies like Dupaco and organizations and companies like yours. Learn more about our innovation services


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