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A Better Way to Work in Independence, IA

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Thanks to our partnership with Dupaco and Iowa's Economic Development Authority we are opening a 3rd Innovation Lab location in Independence, IA this week.

What's An Innovation Lab

Innovation Labs leverage creativity and innovation to help businesses grow. They bring together a potent combination of creative space, easy to use tech, and entrepreneurship coaching to help start ups and freelancers grow their business.

In addition, our innovation services help existing companies grow by creating solutions for opportunities they face. These can be needs for new solutions in product development, process improvement, or operational changes. We use our innovation services to help companies FRAME, CREATE SOLUTIONS, IMPLEMENT SOLUTIONS, and CELEBRATE successes.

The Innovation Lab is 1 of 5 we are opening in smaller rural communities in the region. We know that services for entrepreneurs can be hard to access in rural areas. Innovation Labs can act as hubs, where programs and resources for entrepreneurs and small business can connect.

Learn more about Innovation Labs at


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