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IIW Knows Space Matters

Updated: Oct 12, 2020


IIW was looking for an offsite location to foster innovation, creativity, and teamwork among their 60+ employees. At the same time, the architecture and engineering firm was looking for a location centrally located among their offices in Wisconsin and Iowa to engage with clients.


The Innovation Lab helped IIW create an off-site innovation space. The IIW Innovation Studio is designed to be a flexible space that leverages great tech and gigabit internet to provide IIW and its clients with a creative and professional place to work together to provide solutions.


IIW now has an innovation space that is engaging and helps them produce more high-quality ideas.

Your environment can make such an impact on the dynamic of a meeting and the ideas generated. It’s refreshing to be in a creative space, away from the typical day-to-day interruptions. Plus, it’s a perfect fit for us to actively support an organization dedicated to STEM and the arts.”

Brenda Ritt, Director of Marketing, IIW Engineers. Architects. Surveyors.


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